By Two Legs Good

The Blog With Two Legs has to doff it's cap to Gerry Adams. You'd think that being President of Sinn Féin, a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly, and a well-liked public speaker, as well as being credited as one of the driving forces behind the current peace in Ireland would be enough for one man.

But not Gerry Adams!

Not content with that on his CV, he's embraced the decommisioning process - out have gone the guns and bombs, and in come the little arrows.

Gerry is now out to conquer the world of darts - OK, so he's added a couple of pounds like darts players do, and he's had to tidy up the hair a bit now he's out meeting a few more fans these days, but here he is in action below at the recent BDO Lakeside World Darts Championship...

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