By Two Legs Good

We here at The Blog With Two Legs recently noticed that they've started making tampons with Aloe Vera. We looked it up on Wikipedia, and it says that one of the properties of Aloe Vera is that it helps gashes and open wounds to heal.

That can't be right, surely?

Mind you, we've often wondered why women get thrush infections. We've never understood why they don't notice a pair of nesting birds coming and going from their pants on a regular basis. At the very least, you'd think that the dawn chorus would give the game away.

Apparently yoghurt is good for getting rid of the unwanted thrush though, and we can verify that ourselves. When we recently re-seeded the lawn we kept a dozen pots of Sainburys Low-Fat Natural Greek by the window to throw at them when they came down for a feed.

Works on starlings and pigeons too.

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