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The Blog With Two Legs can't help but notice that there seems to be an air of international tetchiness regarding North Korea. Several countries, especially Japan, seem to have collective ants in their pants about the Great Leader, Kim Jong-il, and his people letting off a giant squib, leading to a bit of a brou-ha-ha.

But when it comes to pouring oil on troubled waters, we like to think that The Blog With Two Legs would be the first to strap gelignite to the rig legs and press the detonator button - so here's our plan.

What we need to do is send Kim Jong-il a kitten.

Every single one of us.

A warm, fuzzy, cute little kitten.

Firstly, if we all send the Great Leader a kitten and he ends up with hundreds, thousands, even millions of kittens, he'll be so busy writing thank you notes, pouring bowls of milk and rescuing them from the top of the curtains in the front room that he won't have any time for World Domination plans anymore.

Secondly, when he gets photographed it'll be with... loads of kittens! Now, who could be scared of that? You can't tell me that Japan, the nation that invented Hello Kitty, is going to stay annoyed with the Great Leader of Kittens!

(He used to be known as the "Dear Leader", and now the "Great Leader". This could be a crucial new lucky and auspicious third nickname for him - the "Pussy Leader".)

Thirdly, - and you can probably spot how neatly this all hangs together by now, always the sign of a top-quality plan - thirdly, North Korea can relax about their weapons programme. After all, who would be dastardly enough to threaten a nation with a kitten shield? Who would hurt the widdle kiddens?

Convincing, isn't it? And yet so deceptively simple!

We're glad you approve.

Send your kitten to:
Send your kitten to:xxxxx Great Leader Kim Jong-il
Send your kitten to:xxxxx The Palace
Send your kitten to:xxxxx Pyongyang
Send your kitten to:xxxxx North Korea

*** UPDATE ***


*** UPDATE ***

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