By Two Legs Good

We like to think that The Blog With Two Legs gets about a bit, and there's nothing more fun on a drive around dreary Londonshire than a game of "Nice Bit Of Stone-Cladding! ©™"

The rules are ever so simple, so simple that even Lewis Hamilton could grasp them after a few days. He might not be able to stick to them - he is easily misled, apparently - but he might understand them.

As you drive along, simply scan the streets for one of these abomihomes and call out, in a drippingly sarcastic tone, "Mmmmm!
Nice Bit Of Stone-Cladding!" ©™". Keep score, first to call out the phrase wins the point, and highest score wins.

They're easy to spot, even at speed. We'd say they stick out like sore thumbs, but even thumbs that are incredibly sore don't stick out as much as a house with a Nice Bit Of Stone-Cladding!" ©™. Obviously some areas yield richer points scores - Croydon and the Harrow-Wembley corridor seem particularly rife with the infection.

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