By Two Legs Good

Looks like the Pope's chief spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, will need to be popping to confession soon! As has been widely reported, he can't seem stick to the facts about the Pope's admitted membership of the Hitler Youth.

Father Lombardi claimed that "...the Pope was never in the Hitler Youth, never, never, never!" in a Jerusalem press conference.

Now, your man the Pope doesn't actually deny being in the Hitler Youth - far from it:

You'd think that such a high-ranking Catholic chappie such as Father Lombardi would know that, wouldn't you? You'd think he'd at least have read his boss's biography! After all, it's not like it's such a big secret that it's hidden away in the Vatican's Secret Archives.

(And just how secret ARE those Secret Vatican Archives if they're advertised on the front page of the Vatican website?)

The Blog With Two Legs gives it 5 days before Dan Brown announces he's turned all this into another spectacular waste of trees...

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