By Two Legs Good

"HAVE YOU BEEN INJURED? Finding out is quick and easy!"

Above is a snap of a genuine banner advert for a (harumph!) "accident advice helpline" that's running at the moment.

How stupid do they think we are? Do they really think we'd have been injured recently and NOT noticed it? How does that go?

"Hmmm... let me see, have I been injured? Tricky one this. Bit of a poser. Now, how would I know that? Let me see, let me see... Oh, hold on, wait a minute! That's right! By Jove! Yes - "see"! "SEE"! That's it! I can't see properly since I fell due to a slippery damp patch by the magazine rack in the local newsagents and sliced my left eyeball in half with a free CD from the Daily Mail! That newsvendor must PAY!"

If that ad is a success, The Blog With Two Legs reckons it won't be long before we see more like this:

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