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The Blog With Two Legs is awfully tolerant to a point, but some folks clearly exist for no reason other than to test our patience and annoy us. It was only after I realised I was actually physically grinding my teeth that I noticed that Jim was transforming, changing from 'Jim, the Bloke it's OK to share an office with' to 'Jim, the bloke they found bound and gagged inside a crate marked 'DRUG SMUGGLER, SAMPLES INSIDE, HANDLE WITH CARE' addressed to the Turkish Chief of Police'.


Well, hear for yourself. It's taken the Blog With Two Legs nearly 5 weeks to get this, but on Wednesday we managed to sneak our little mp3 player/recorder on his desk while he was reading a report, and finally got a clean recording with no interruptions:

Folks last week were on the BBC complaining about some nightmarish low-level tuneless hum they hear, perpetually blighting their lives.

We know how they feel.

Just imagine the torture as we sit opposite this musical abomination, day after day after day, forced to listen to this musicrime for hours on end, as he sits and reads reports, oblivious in the Land of Ipod.

However, some good could come of this. If you'd like to share that ummm... unique rendition of ELO's 'Mr Blue Sky' with others, the version below has 20 seconds of silence tacked on to the front of it. Why not stick your speakers on low, press the key to play this version, and leave the room... that should give your co-workers some fun!

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