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The human subconscious is an astounding thing. Capable of insights we never realise, of blocking thoughts and memories, of ascribing motives and excuses for our behaviour, even raising psychosomatic symptoms that seem like real illnesses caused by external factors. Frankly, you just never know what it'll get up to next.

Sometimes our subconscious alters our reality a little, sends us messages if you like. That vague feeling of unease when we're talking to a colleague (because they remind our subconscious of the school bully), an irrational fear of spiders (because they killed 'our' Doctor Who when we were 10 years old), and so on.

With anxiety, with stress, our subconscious can even induce palpitations, sweats, nausea, and panic attacks. And now The Blog With Two legs has just met a man who reckons his subconscious is sending him messages - by Morse Code!

If you look at the picture on the left you can see that there's a series of dents or pits, all a regular 5mm apart. The oldest one at the top of the nail is broad and slim, whereas the other three are smaller and round.

Dash, dot, dot, dot:

So what is the message?

Well, nails grow at about 0.1mm a day, so even a short message like "You left the oven on" (or "-.-- --- ..- | .-.. . ..-. - | - .... . | --- ...- . -. | --- -." in Morse) could take over 6 years!

We'll keep you posted...

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