By Two Legs Good

Crafted in China to fairly precise standards, this fine Michael Jackson Commemorative Snuff Plate is offered to the discerning collector and completist fan by MMTS Offers.

It was miraculous how, only minutes after he heard of the Blessed Michael's passing, the Managing Director of MMTS Offers, Patrick Dough, launched this project. Patrick is a long-time business acquaintance of Michael's, and issued this statement:

"Michael was unique, you never knew what he'd do next. You know he gave everyone a nickname, right? Because my name is Patrick, and he couldn't pronounce Patrick, he called me "P". I loved it! "P"! Just "P"! Ha! And I was constantly amazed by his collections - funfair rides, animals, all sorts of memorabilia. He collected everything! Even all of our business transactions, he documented and kept every scrap of paper, every note, in meticulous, immaculate files. Oh yes, often after I'd been at his house for a meeting with him, I'd find him afterwards absorbed in his P Dough file affairs."

Yurin Smeller, Jackson's pet psychobabblist and pseudo-psychic sidekick said:

"The Mystical Manufacture of this fine genuine antique-style porcelainite plate can weave a web of Jackson-Smeller Magic. Just hold it in your hands and concentrate. Put one fingertip on the edge of the plate, close your eyes and relax. Just keep pushing your fingertip firmly on the rim and remember the magic of Michael. It's what he would have wanted!"

In accordance with Michael's life, small children have been involved at every stage in the production of this plate, from the mining of the raw materials through to the final packing. It's what he would have wanted.

Never before has such a sumptuous plate depicting Michael been offered to the general public. This will be a strictly limited edition with numbers set depending on public response.

If YOU want to register interest in purchasing such a plate, please send your name, address, date of birth and full bank details to mmts@theblogwithtwolegs.co.uk

If you only buy one Michael Jackson Commemorative Snuff Plate to celebrate the death of the King of Pap, make sure it's the BEST Michael Jackson Commemorative Snuff Plate - the MMTS Michael Jackson Commemorative Snuff Plate!

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