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Reports are reaching The Blog With Two Legs that renowned kiddie-dangler Michael Jackson has died. As a mark of respect, we dedicate this wreath of black noses to him:

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Over 300 noses were hand-picked for freshness to make this.

It's what he would have wanted. God knows he tried often enough.

Mind you, it is a bit suspicious, isn't it?

He's just been selling tickets for a comeback show, so there's a lot of cash sloshing about in his name at the moment.

For a lot of the last few years has been living out in the likes of Bahrain where they're used to loads of weirdly-sculpted artificial things - just look at all the bizarre islands they build out there.


Now, if I wanted to live a quiet but opulent life out of the way for the rest of my years, I'd probably want to raise a bunch of cash and buy a made-to-measure private island.


You could always put a dummy in the coffin. After all, even if someone comes up, taps the face and says "Hey! It's plastic!" - who'd be surprised?


I'm just saying...

A man with a plastic face.

P.S. - OI! URI! You didn't predict THAT one, did you?

P.P.S. - More Michael Jackson posts HERE!

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