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Now, The Blog With Two Legs is advertising-free. We like it that way, it means we don't have to kowtow to The Man, we can write what we want, offend who we like, and generally not give a stuff. Great!

We also know that there are businesses out there that rely on advertising to pay the bills, and that's fine too.

Surely to goodness though, sometimes... sometimes it's just not appropriate to add advertising, is it?

Especially when the advert isn't placed thoughtfully and carefully by a real live advertising 'executive', but pooped out automatically by some witless brainless soulless web-integrated robot that only cares about how many eyeballs scan their admucktising copy.

(OK, OK, that's an infinitesmally tiny distinction that might not actually exist in real life, but let's just run with it for now, yes?)

Anyway, first nominee for the The Blog With Two Legs 2009 Tact In Advertising Award is GOOGLE, for these two beauties:

(Thanks, Andy!)

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