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According to statistics published by the UK Government, the number of crimes committed in Yorkshire and the Humber area is way above average in loads of areas.

They're above average for vandalism. They're above average for burglary. They're above average for vehicle thefts. Above average for personal crimes. Above average for violent crimes, for theft offences, and on and on and on and on and on... just look at the tables below.

If you lived in Yorkshire - and weren't a criminal, something that apparently is less likely than average - you'd hope that your tax money was being spent on solving current crimes and preventing future crimes. You'd think that the police would have their heads down, cracking on with solving crimes and reducing the crime rate, wouldn't you?

Wouldn't you?


You'd be wrong.

Apparently North Yorkshire police have been busy working from an 18th century description of a dead criminal - the infamous Dick Turpin - creating this e-fit picture for a 'Wanted' poster.

That's right - they're dicking about making pictures of someone they hung nearly 300 years ago!

That'll get the crime rate down, eh?

Still, maybe it'll get some tourists (a.k.a. 'fresh victims') to visit.

Have another look at the tables above. Not much going on these days in terms of 'highway robbery', 'footpadding' or 'rustling', is there? You wouldn't think these were high priority crimes, what with the guy being dead for 270 years.

The Blog With Two Legs can't figure out which idea is more stupid - the idea of cops glorifying a local criminal, or cops wasting their time playing at making imaginary 'wanted' posters while their crime rates are so high.

If you're from Yorkshire, and you aren't busy registering a crime and you haven't had your computer nicked, maybe you can tell us which you think it is...

P.S. - AND they're not even accurate - EVERYONE knows THIS is what Dick Turpin looked like!

P.P.S. - And after all the pictures of Dick Turpin, here's a picture of Dick Turnip:

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