By Two Legs Good

I had to take my wife to the pharmacy yesterday to pick up some medication. I parked just outside, which is opposite a funeral parlour, behind one of their vehicles. After a minute, one of their guys asks if I can move my car back a bit to give them some more room, so I did.

Then four guys come out of the funeral parlour carrying a coffin. The traffic stopped while they crossed the road, and put it in the back of the hearse. After about a minute's discussion, they take it out, stop the traffic, cross the road, and go back in again.

A minute or two later, out they come again, carrying the coffin. They stop the traffic, cross the road, put the coffin in the back. There seems to be a bit of an argument, then they get the coffin back out, stop the traffic, and carry it back over into the funeral parlour.

Then it happens a THIRD time - carrying the coffin, stop the traffic, into the back, a more heated argument, get it out again, stop the traffic, back over the road into the funeral parlour again. This time I got out and asked one of them what they were up to.

"Re-hearsals", he said.

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