By Two Legs Good

And talking about Paradeilia*, as we so surely were when we mentioned the "house that looks like Hitler" that was in the news last week as well as "The Gingerbread Hitlers", here's another paradeilic object:

It's A Cabinet of Horror.

Here, it looks like an ordinary piece of furniture, of no especial note. However, looking at the detail in the wood of the side reveals a natural image in the grain...

* black cowlick hairstyle... check!

* toothbrush moustache... check!

It can only be... Adolf Hitler!

Just look at this trio of images - the natural grain of the cabinet, a picture of Hitler, and then the first picture with Hitler's image contrasted to make it easier to see - a Hitler trio:

(Great name for a small band that, isn't it, The Hitler Trio?)

Spooky, huh?

Who knows how this came about? Perhaps it's made from wood from the forest where the young Hitler gambolled and frolicked as a child before dreaming of crushing the world with his evil schemes. Perhaps he leaned against that particular tree as he and his lover, Eva, took time off from murdering millions for a spot of covert coppicey canoodling. Or maybe it's just some random whorls in the wood.

As we said - spooky, huh?

Any Nazi nutters interested in purchasing the cabinet should contact mmts@theblogwithtwolegs.co.uk . We'd say 'sensible offers only', but that'd be going against the grain, wouldn't it?

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