By Two Legs Good

We can hardly believe it! Despite all the extra publicity last week, including winning our first "Ebay Auction Of The Week", kitrule didn't manage to sell some of the wonderful things he had on offer. Now's your chance to snap up a bargain!

New "Mystery Items" have joined the list, like a Brass Cigar Cutter, and two separate Antique Chairs, all with no photos or description (par for the course, really) at £30. It's like a tat-based lottery!

The original item we noticed, the Orla Organ, has re-appeared, reduced from £50 to £15. What do you mean, "Lower! Lower!"?

Those mystery 2 vases have been reduced from £50 to £10. Yes, still no description or photos, but still a bargain, eh?

In comparison, Some Rusty Sockets (is it even worth mentioning they have no details or photos any more?) are still at £10. Obviously the man knows what they're worth and is sticking to his guns.

But most of all, the prize in the collection is still A Book. We STILL don't know which book. We STILL can't see the book. We STILL don't know who wrote the book. The only thing we know is he's keeping it secret, but still expects someone to shell out £150 for it.

We take it upon ourselves, dear friends, to find out for you. Watch this space!

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