EBAY AUCTION OF THE WEEK #02 (Male Vocalist)

By Two Legs Good

Wandering through the Land of Ebay, this caught our eye. It's an auction seemingly placed by someone - a Male Vocalist - looking to attract other musicians to play with.

What a picture to use when he's trying to attract other band members, other musicians.

Cold eyes.
Dead eyes.
Cold, dead eyes.

And that happy, smiling, cheery, welcoming look? We've seen that look before, which might explain why the photo looks like it's been badly cropped from another:

He says his style is "hall & oats, steely dan, james taylor, the carpenters, barry manilow, rick astly, the beach boys".

Yes, well, they obviously all go with that happy-go-lucky expression he's showing us. We don't know anything about this area, but can any reader confirm if those are (as we suspect) prison-slang terms for deviant behaviour?

Con #1: "What are you in for?"

Con #2: "Carpenters"

Con #1: "I didn't know you had a sister."


Con #3: "Fancy a quick Hall & Oates after lights-out?"


Con #4: "Beach Boys in the showers later - bring your soap."


Con #5: "I walks in, there 'e was, 'aving a Rick Astley!"

He says he likes to "feed off the others round me". With some fava beans and a nice chianti, perhaps? Mind you - that'd explain the Rick Astley reference:

Never gonna give you up!
Never gonna let you go!
Never gonna turn around
and untie you...

Well done, fgmaj, take a bow - your auction wins our "Ebay Auction Of The Week"!

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