By Misty

Prince Charles has got to have one of the crappest jobs going. True, it’s nowhere near as grim as emptying bins or processing sewerage, but being named the Longest Serving Heir Apparent is the biggest kick in the teeth I can think of. They may as well have called him the 'Number One Also–Ran'.

He has spent all of his life waiting for a job that now, at an age when most people think about retirement, the press is suggesting goes straight to his eldest son. Ouch! That’s gotta hurt… and it’s not like he can go running to Mummy for sympathy.

In 2010 Prince Charles was the hardest working royal, completing 585 royal engagements, as if effort was going to help in some way. 'Try harder and you WILL be King'. Surely he’s figured out that’s not what helps you get on in life. I mean if anyone should have understood that, you’d think he would.

So what does he have to show for a lifetime of waiting and trying? Nada. Nichts. Just a load of photos of him looking stupid in various ‘traditional outfits’. 'You want me to wear this wicker hat? Of course, I’d be delighted!'

Prince Charles. Nice thatch.

Let’s face it, he wants the job reeeeally badly but he can’t bring himself to do what’s necessary to get it because he’s wanted it ever since he was a nine year old in short trousers still hankering for the comforting arms of his wet nurse. Now, 59 years later, he doesn’t have the job and I’ll bet he’s still hankering…

Oh well, at least the ginger one understands.

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