By Two Legs Good

After the disastrous results at the recent elections and the resignation of their leader, Tavish Scott, the Scottish Liberal Democrats have a new leader. The UK is, obviously, reeling at this momentous change.

It's heartening to see they've picked such a popular and recognisable Scot this time:

We say 'pick', but of course there was no real choice - he was only person that had submitted his name! Obviously the very thought of running against Wullie Rennie had terrified the other possible candidates. After all, who'd want to go up against a runner-up of the Scottish Coal-Carrying Championships? That's some heavyweight political ju-ju right there!

Oor Wullie might not even be allowed the automatic right to ask questions at First Meenister's Questions - they may have to take it in turns with Patrick Harvie, representing the Greens, and Big Hen, representing the Broons.

It's also being reported that the Scots Lib Dems have so few seats they've been relegated to sitting outside the back door of the parliament on upturned buckets.

Oor Wullie? More like Poor Wullie!

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