By Two Legs Good

There's something puzzling us about this AV vote this week that we don't think has been explored properly yet. The 'No' side are saying 'Oooh, we shouldn't use AV, it'll be more expensive to count the votes'.

Since when should how expensive democracy is be an issue? When our forefathers fought for democracy, the rallying cry was 'Democracy at any price!' not 'Democracy at a reasonable price depending on market variables, the state of the economy and how much the bankers have pissed up a wall recently'.

The No-camp argument appears to be:


From that, it would seem reasonable to assume that:


In a time of austerity, when we're being asked to make sacrifices for the good of the economy, surely there's some fat to trim here? After all, if our democracy actually now does have a monetary cost, we could trim democracy and save some money.

How does a 50% saving in voting costs sound to you? Good? Helpful? Great! So let's do away with the votes for women!


Now calm down, dears! Remember ladies - we're all in this together!

Not enough? Fine. Nearly 30 million people voted in the last election - but what if only millionaires were entitled to vote? That would reduce it to around 300,000 voters. Getting rid of 99% of the voters - mainly the likes of you and us - could save 99% of the costs!


Remember plebs - we're all in this together!

Still not enough? What if we could save 99.999996% of the costs, by moving to a political system that's used in many, many countries around the world? Yes, the ever-present One-Man-One-Vote system, otherwise known as a Dictatorship. By allowing Dictator Dave to have the only vote we could eliminate almost all voting costs for ever. It worked for Adolf Hitler, it worked for Gaddafi, and it still works for Kim Jong-Il - why shouldn't it work for us?


Obviously we're using some pretty absurd and idiotic logic here to illustrate the point that the cost of voting is being thought of as more important than democracy - but that's the very same absurd and idiotic logic that the No-camp are currently using to argue against AV.

Don't let the absurd and idiotic win. Vote for AV.

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